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Periodic Maintenance Service, Electrical, Accidental repairs, Wheel Truing and engine rebuild.



Valve Clearance Adjustment, Tubeless conversion and Suspension Upgrade/Installation

Denting & Painting, Accessories installation and Breakdown Assistance



1. Trained mechanics with experience in servicing bullets.

2. Mechanics are empowered with high quality tools and equipment to speed up the work.

3. No unnecessary part replacement.

4. Genuine RE spares when replacement is needed.

5. No hidden charges in the form of "consumables". The service charges cover all the costs of grease, lubrication, waste cloth etc

And the list goes on...



TopGear Thumpers is a brain child of two passionate Royal Enfield riders who had a hard time in getting their bullets serviced from available options in and around Marathahalli-Sajapura Outer Ring Road. Having lived in the area for quite long, we tried various garages and service centers without much luck. Irrespective of whether the service was free or paid, the place was RE authorized or private, the experience more or less remained the same. 

Problems ranging from unnecessary spares replacement to I-couldn't-care-less-about-your-bullet attitude of mechanics were normalcy in all the places we tried. Although we found few extremely knowledgeable mechanics during the time, they seemed to think that the newer UCE models are somehow not worthy of the title BULLET and were focused on the CI machines. 


This painful process of maintaining a bullet had to be made easier and enjoyable. After all, we buy the legendary Enfields to live our dream and not to curse the decision of buying one. Simple, regular maintenance of a two wheeler shouldn't be this hard. The frustration was growing. We were out of options. Only till we decided to create one. The idea of setting up a service center to provide top-notch service for Enfields was born. After a lot of hard work and missing quite a few long rides, TopGear Thumpers (TGT) became operational in Aug 2016. 

At TGT, we believe every bullet is special in its own right. We are committed to providing great service for each bullet that enters our premises because, we are driven by PASSION FOR BULLETS. 

Messy Workshop


Shop No 6,

Opp to All Season Super Market, Panathur Road, Marathahalli, Bengaluru- 560103

Ph: +91-7829304555


Mon - Sat: 9.30am - 6.30pm

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